This “warning” needs to be heeded. You have been given a limited right to develop. Get Moving!

Mark Benjamin, MHG Senior Planner helps to invigorate Hamilton with a 10 level high rise.

Interesting to see the opinions of the people of the river city.


councils and infrastructure

Council’s and Infrastructure

Comment:  Council’s and Infrastructure. The 2nd part of the glue that restricts housing and business land development.  What is the answer?


An update on the Auckland Plan and the Parnell Rail Station

MHG provides insight on everything from earthquake prone buildings to Auckland growth!

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Auckland Rates Proposed to Rocket
Where is the money going?


Over 100,000 Auckland homes will face a rates rise of 10% next year under a rating formula proposed by Mayor Len Brown. With proposed motorway tolls, a ban on open fires and the upcoming rubbish charges coming in July 2015 some would wonder what rates are now paying for.  LEARN MORE

A US $90M Apartment
Nice Views


All over the world house prices seem to garner attention. And what gets people even more upset is other people profiting from buying and selling houses. This $US90m penthouse in New York seems to be the biggest bet ever as the proposed owner has purchased it with the intent of onselling at a profit. LEARN MORE

The Glue
Red Tape and Other BS

I have complained endlessly about red tape and BS rules. Last week I had the pleasure of some life-long bureaucrat telling me “that’s the rules”. Well his opinion counted for nothing once I had finished. But I wonder why it takes so much energy to get through the glue of regulation, some poorly thought out and badly administered. LEARN MORE


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Regulation & Red Tape costs can reach $77,000 on new house in Auckland

Cost of Regulation and Red Tape can add up to $77,000 on new house in Auckland.  Tell me that is not over the top!

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