Recommended Town Planning Resources websites

Recommended Resources:

Here’s some recommended resources/websites on town planning and resource consent related topics:
  • Auckland Council GIS – This website contains pertinent Auckland property information.
  • The Resource Management Act – This website contains the rules and regulations regarding the Resource Management Act of 1991 as administered by the Ministry for the Environment.
  • Resource Management Law Association – This website helps viewers to interpret the Resource Management Act and how this law translates into implementation.
  • Auckland Council – Resource Consent – This website explains the basics of resource consents, including the general process of a consent and when a consent is needed.
  • Auckland Council – Liquor Licence – This website explains the different liquor licences that are available and the necessary application processes.
  • Bob Dey – “The Property Guru” – This site spends time dealing with resource consent and planning issues, urban visions and political strategies. It discusses the impact of political acts and decisions.