Resource Consent Applications

You will need resource consent if your project doesn’t meet the permitted standards of Council’s Unitary Plan. Many activities often require resource consent and it can become quite a daunting undertaking with never ending rules, requirements, differing opinions and specialist input!

However, we can make it easy for you.

We can co-ordinate the entire consent process. From pre-application meeting to the final negotiations, we are capable of helping you with the smallest garage conversion to the largest mixed use development. Not to mention all the things in between; subdivisions, cross-leases to fee simple, new houses, warehouses, apartment towers or cooking schools! No idea or request is too weird or wonderful!

Our wide network of specialists means we are always well equipped to deal with curve balls. We have been attaining resource consent approvals for almost 20 years.

We love seeing projects succeed and solving your problems!

Resource Consent Applications

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Mt Hobson Group has over 15 years experience with:

  • Resource Consent Lodgement & Management
  • Notified Resource Consent
  • Financial & Development Contribution Review
  • District Plan Analysis & Plan Change Review
  • CBD Commercial & Residential Projects
  • Health & Medical Services Developments
  • Historic Building Restoration & Reuse
  • Urban Design Approval & Coordination
  • Mixed Use Projects
  • Rural Subdivision
  • Industrial Redevelopment
  • Signage Consents
  • Building Act Requirements
  • Site Selection
  • Coordination of Sub Consultants
  • Liquor Licencing
  • Subdivision Consent
  • Heritage Advice
  • Building Consents
  • Environmental Planning
  • Local Government Consents