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Interested to know what development potential your property may have? Thinking of sub-dividing and building a second dwelling? Could your property be a perfect site for apartments? Want to open a child care centre? Looking to put up a billboard? We are more than happy to help you work through these processes and all the rest!

About Us

Mt Hobson Group is a specialist Town Planning Consultancy. We are passionate about Resource Management in both the public and private sectors throughout Auckland and New Zealand. From car ports, apartment buildings, town houses, and warehouses. We do it all!

Resource Consent Applications

You will need resource consent if your project doesn’t meet the permitted standards of Council’s Unitary Plan. Many activities often require resource consent and it can become quite a daunting undertaking with never ending rules, requirements, differing opinions and specialist input!

Auckland Unitary Plan Property Appraisals

Are you considering developing part of your property. Perhaps you’re wondering if you can subdivide your section and build a second house on the rear? Or maybe you’re just curious to know exactly how the new unitary plan has affected the value of your home?

Contact us today to discuss your planning and resource consent needs (09) 950 5100

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Why choose MHG to solve your town planning and resource consent issues?

  • Mt Hobson Group are results focused, not process driven.
  • We know what Councils require and we know how to work with them.
  • From the outset Mt Hobson Group will work with you to understand your needs, expectations and get things resolved quickly.
  • We never think of planning in isolation, we understand the bigger picture. We know how resource management issues can effect your day-to-day life.
  • MHG know how to work with the rules to get the quickest and most effective results.

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