Strategic Planning Services

For complex developments strategy becomes very important. This means that having a clear path and plan for consenting developments. We thoroughly understand this and build a plan that will best serve our clients as well as working with the policy and rules of the district plan. By project managing the consent process we are better able to lead your team to a successful resource consent outcome.

Plan changes are long arduous projects that while difficult can be extremely fruitful for clients. We work through these using well informed strategy and outstanding experts. Our ability to move through this process strategically often allows for more certainty for our clients.

Strategic Planning Services

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Mt Hobson Group has over 15 years experience with:

  • Resource Consent Lodgement & Management
  • Notified Resource Consent
  • Financial & Development Contribution Review
  • District Plan Analysis & Plan Change Review
  • CBD Commercial & Residential Projects
  • Health & Medical Services Developments
  • Historic Building Restoration & Reuse
  • Urban Design Approval & Coordination
  • Mixed Use Projects
  • Rural Subdivision
  • Industrial Redevelopment
  • Signage Consents
  • Building Act Requirements
  • Site Selection
  • Coordination of Sub Consultants
  • Liquor Licencing
  • Subdivision Consent
  • Heritage Advice
  • Building Consents
  • Environmental Planning
  • Local Government Consents