Auckland Unitary Plan Property Appraisal

You may be currently considering developing part of your property. Perhaps you’re wondering if you can subdivide your section and build a second house on the rear. You may want to buy a property, demolish the existing dwelling and build 4 new town houses or maybe you’re just curious to know exactly how the new unitary plan has affected the value of your home?

The best way to answer these questions is through an Auckland Unitary Plan property appraisal. We will drill down into the details of your site to explore options for development. We show the limitations and the opportunities as noted on Council’s GIS and Unitary Plan viewers.

This report can be used as material for potential purchasers of your property. Or it can provide you a more in-depth insight into a property you may be interested in purchasing.

Regardless of your motivation, Auckland Unitary Plan property appraisals are valuable documents for all property gurus, owners and perspective owners.

Our AUP property appraisal services are broken down into three options.

  • Bronze:
    Review your property against the Auckland Unitary Plan. This covers zoning, overlays, controls etc.
  • Silver:
    Review your property against the Auckland Unitary Plan, Auckland Councils GIS viewer and provide a guestimate as to development potential.
  • Gold:
    Check your property again the Auckland Unitary Plan, the Auckland Council GIS viewer, a review of the properties LIM or site file and provide a guestimate as to development potential.

We are also able to meet with you to discuss the findings in your Auckland Unitary Plan property appraisal. From the findings of our Auckland Unitary Plan property appraisal you may then want to more seriously consider taking the action laid out in the report. We can also help guide you through this next step, which is often Resource Consent.

Contact us today to order your Auckland Unitary Plan Property Appraisal. Ph 09 950 5100.

Mt Hobson Group has over 15 years experience with:

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