Stone throwing and glass houses don’t mix

Last week it was found that a small amount of exclusively ‘Made in New Zealand’ fashion brands had pieces of their collections that were not exclusively made in New Zealand.

According to the article WORLD were selling T-shirts that had a WORLD swing tag attached to it stating ‘Fabrique en Nouvelle Zelande’ or ‘made in New Zealand’. Read more

Interviewing the greats: Clinton Bird – Urban Designer

We’re pleased to present the first in a series of “Interviewing the Greats”.  The first candidate is Clinton Bird, a long time Parnell resident and an expert in all things urban design.  I have known Clinton for over 12 years and have tremendous respect for his knowledge and diligence.  His attention to detail means he is in my mind one of New Zealand’s leading urban designers with his input adding value to projects both from a financial and more importantly an aesthetic point of view.  I often joke that if I had been in his classes at University he would have failed me for my lack of the qualities he possesses and would expect from his students.

Hamish Firth and Clinton Bird

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Knowing where your private infrastructure ends and the public’s begin

A Wellington resident has recently had to foot a $9476 bill for repairs to a lateral private sewer pipe near his property boundary. That’s right, near his property. Wellington City Council policy is that if your lateral sewer pipe is damaged, no matter how far out of your property; no matter which road it is under and who’s trees are growing down into it, you have to pay for the repairs. Warwick Eves, the resident forking out for what would seem to be Council managed infrastructure, is in shock.

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