Unitary Plan is working

If you ask us if the Auckland Unitary Plan is working or not, well our answer to this would be yes, it is working with a passion. We are getting 3 or 4 clients a week who would want to know what potential their property holds or how they can benefit from the Unitary Plan.  These are mainly in the suburbs and mostly on sites 600m2 – 1800m2.

A real live example that recently got approval and is moving to building consent was – 20 James Laurie St, Henderson. The site is zoned Mixed Housing Urban zone (MHU).  As you know this allows typically for up to three storeys in a variety of sizes and forms, including detached dwellings, terrace housing and low-rise apartments.

At 1454m2, 20 James Laurie already had an existing dwelling.  Following consultants with agents as to the current market for the site, plans were prepared, and resource consent was granted on 28 January 2020 for relocation of an existing dwelling and the construction of 8 additional townhouses.

This is now typical of what is being approved.  Yes, I agree there are issues as to traffic and parks and schools, but the housing crisis is being solved by the more design-based approach to planning that the AUP provides for.

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