Expert Opinion

When resource consents or other Council approvals cannot be agreed upon it is sometimes in our client’s best interest to appeal decisions to the environment or land court.

We are often engaged as planning specialists to provide expert reports. Our expert opinion is sometimes also engaged by clients who want hard-hitting professional planners to help them provide a submission on certain activities throughout the city.

Expert Planning Opinion

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Mt Hobson Group has over 15 years experience with:

  • Resource Consent Lodgement & Management
  • Notified Resource Consent
  • Financial & Development Contribution Review
  • District Plan Analysis & Plan Change Review
  • CBD Commercial & Residential Projects
  • Health & Medical Services Developments
  • Historic Building Restoration & Reuse
  • Urban Design Approval & Coordination
  • Mixed Use Projects
  • Rural Subdivision
  • Industrial Redevelopment
  • Signage Consents
  • Building Act Requirements
  • Site Selection
  • Coordination of Sub Consultants
  • Liquor Licencing
  • Subdivision Consent
  • Heritage Advice
  • Building Consents
  • Environmental Planning
  • Local Government Consents