Bureaucracy vs Brilliance – Is poor culture the problem

Although we’re frustrated with Council’s bureaucracy all year long, the lead up to Christmas really begins to test our patience. Thankfully, a wonderfully crafted article by Jim Bright of the Sydney Morning Herald has let us know we’re not alone in the world. He has perfectly articulated what it’s like to work through Council, but also what it means to be an innovator. Something that we aspire to be at Mt Hobson Group! Read more

Let’s be careful about trusting the West Auckland Liquor Trusts

Following a recent Spinoff article demanding better hospitality outcomes for West Auckland communities, the West Auckland Liquor Trusts are back in the spotlight. Since the first article the story has been discussed on TV 3’s The Project and a follow up article has been published in The Spinoff. This peaked our interest because along with resource consents we also dabble in liquor licensing.

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Council staff enjoy rugby too!

Journalism is considered the fourth estate of society. Historically being placed alongside ‘the king, the clergy, and the commoners’. It’s role has been that of a watch dog of those other estates which have significant influence over society –  resulting in itself also gaining significant influence. In more recent times, the increase in dialogue around fake news and click bait, the actual weight given to the media has weakened somewhat. If Trump we’re to be believed, all press would be known as liars and spin-doctors.


Donald Trump calls the press fake news

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