Change your cross-lease property to a fee simple property

What is cross lease?

When a number of people own an undivided share in a piece of land, and the homes that exist on that land is leased from other land owners. This is usually for a term of 999 years.

Why do cross leases exist?

Cross leasing land was a popular method of dividing land a number of years ago. Especially for small to medium sized projects and developers. They were mostly popular in Auckland and Canterbury because they were quick and cost effective to complete. For a time you could also avoid financial contributions to local authorities when doing this type of land division.

Why would you convert your cross-lease to a free hold?

  • Freehold property is typically more valuable than cross-lease.
  • You won’t have to negotiate with your fellow land owners about any additions or alterations you may want to undertake.
  • When selling you will not get drawn into any argument as to whether your title is defective or not. (?)
  • Prospective buyers main find it easier to gain a mortgage to purchase your property.
  • Ultimately, you own you land yourself meaning you have the freedom to do what you please.

Take advantage of the Unitary Plan ‘up-zoning’

Contact MHG now if you would like advice on changing from cross-lease to a fee simple title.


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