The Auckland Civic Administration Building – Civic Quarter

We are incredibly excited to be apart of the redevelopments for the iconic Auckland Council Civic Administration Building. After sitting dormant for two years gathering (asbestos) dust, we are working closely with long time associate John Love (of Love & Co) to bring it back to life.

The building is in major need of upgrades including restoring the external facade, earthquake strengthening, asbestos removal and rebuilding of infrastructure such as air conditioning and electrical systems. And yet we could not be more excited to be apart of this historical development.

Since beginning work we have uncovered this gem. Sent to us by a friend of Hamish, this photo was taken around 1965 during the construction of the CAB. At the time it was the first sky scraper in Auckland, Mayoral Drive is yet to exist, and Greys Ave is a fully functioning car capable street!

CAB 1965

The CAB developments will fundamentally transform Aotea Square and the wider Civic Quarter. It will become a beautiful, accessible and liveable area. It will be yet another great improvement to the CBD. Providing more residential homes, more cafes, more restaurants, and more areas for Aucklanders to come together as a community.

Check out this link for more information!

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