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The big reset

This article was originally posted in ‘The Hobson” magazine. We now have a small feel what solitary confinement must be like and why it is used as a punishment. However, I get the sense if the lock down had gone on much longer the family would have built me a kennel for living, sleeping and […]

Property Investor MINI and MEGA Series

We wish to announce that we are a key partner of the largest Property Investment Education platform in New Zealand. As a contact, client, or colleague we can provide you with exclusive and FREE access to the initial MINI series, as an introduction to the full Property Investment MEGA Series that we have put together. […]

See you in the Spring

The whole world has stopped.  What a difference 2 weeks make. The Past Two weeks ago, I wrote an article how property is back and there is optimism everywhere.  That will not be published for a week, but it is too late to change as it has gone to print. Two weeks ago, clients were […]

God Bless you!

This article was originally posted in ‘The Hobson” magazine. Having had a good break I have been pontificated as to what verbiage to shutter your eye and twig your mind.  Will it be light-hearted and fluffy, or boringly deadly serious?  And the conclusion I came to, reflected on how I feel at this time – […]

Unitary Plan is working

If you ask us if the Auckland Unitary Plan is working or not, well our answer to this would be yes, it is working with a passion. We are getting 3 or 4 clients a week who would want to know what potential their property holds or how they can benefit from the Unitary Plan.  […]

Kiwibuild Reset

Kiwibuild 2.0 Thankfully the government has abandoned the unachievable house build target that was becoming a milestone around its neck.  Kiwibuild 2.0 is born. Even though the government promised it would slash immigration numbers, we are still importing circa 50,000 people per year who need about 17,000 houses.  We can hardly keep up with that […]

My first house – Guest article

When it comes to buying first home, I have big aspirations and dreams. I want a house with garden where I can have a cup of tea and toast sitting on outdoor sofa. A house where my future kids can play freely and get enough space for their activities. A place where I can host […]

Dirty job – We have the man for you

I live next door to a man not given to much excitement.  He is a long time Parnell resident and a senior civil engineer with over 40 years of experience.  He talks stormwater and drains and huffs and puffs when Council do not empty the stormwater catchpits that hug the curbs of our urban roads.